Let us transformed under the Portuguese sun


Casa Li is a house in the mountains located 45 min from Faro, all the way in the south of Portugal. I have had the house for over a year now and was from moment 1 in love. When I got out of the car the first time and stood there on the mountain, I felt so anchored. Carried like that by the mountain and a wonderful peace and emptiness fell over me.

From that moment I was sure, this place is going to be and I have to bring people here.
Let others experience this feeling. Let them charge here, connect with themselves and each other.

I spent a year doing a lot of amazing work on the house and put a lots of love into it. The house has already given me so much connection, the trips I have made with my father, with my mother, my sisters and friends, they were all transformative!

The house is fully equipped.
It has a 2-person and a 4-person bedroom, two shared bathrooms, a cozy living room and a cozy kitchen where we cook together. If you prefer to sleep alone you can always bring your own tent, plenty of nice places in the garden to set it up. Around the house is a large terrace and an outdoor area to relax in the sun or read.
All workshops will be held in the atmospheric shed.

The large garden, the view, the space, the wonderful fresh and spicy air there.
I hope to share it with you soon!

Home sweet home

e flies to Faro airport and takes care of the flight ticket. From there we arrange a transfer to Casa Li.
On day 1 this will be around 18:00 (in consultation).

The city of Faro is only XNUMX minutes away, so if your flight doesn't match you can always take your time to explore this nice city.

On day six you will be brought back to Faro airport around XNUMX:XNUMX.