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During this five-day journey you will go into depth together with other women. In these five days we will do beautiful hikes, meditate and connect to eachtother through sharing. The goal of this trip is total relaxation. Nothing is obligated. Get away from the routine of your daily life and come back to yourself, with each other, listen and be heard. Being with women. Laugh.

For five days


Learn to

Learn to

Come in softness
with yourself and the other

Get energy from

Learn to

with yourself

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Every day we start the day with a walk through the mountains
for relaxation and extra oxygen in our body.


Eating is an important part of the connection journey. It is about restoring the connection between your emotional center (your abdomen / intestines) and yourself.

Eating healthy, plant-based can cleanse your body in such a way that you become more sensitive to the emotions that are stored in your body. You are more open to these emotions. You will no longer numb your body with unhealthy food, but ensure that you feed your body purely.

Being together in nature

The connection week is arranged in small, intimate groups of 5-8 people. There is a lot of personal attention and space to connect with each other.

It is possible to book a special connection week with a group (friends, colleagues etc).


with the mountain

When participating in the connection journey, a part of bookingcost is kept aside for planting a tree. Your energy is thus forever connected to the mountain of Casa Li.

If you revisit Casa Li this will help you to get into the energy of the mountain that helps you with grounding more easily.

With this tree you also contribute to a CO2 neutral world!


Cocoa is also called the food of the gods, and for good reason. It has a heart-opening, healing effect and literally forms a bridge between the heart and the outside world. Our special cocoa has many advantages. It helps you relax, focus, open and it gives you more energy. In addition, it detoxifies your body and soul and boosts your immune system.

The cocoa we are going to use comes from Guatemala. It is grown there by hand by women and processed in its purest form. The women there also perform ceremonies with cocoa, which is why they bless the processed cocoa. That makes this cocoa even more special for our ceremonies. In addition, it is of course also very tasty.

the Connection journey

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Alcaria Fria… I had never heard of it, not surprising because this place is also called the Portuguese 'End of the world'. In other words: a fantastic place to relax, away from the crowds. After a short drive from the airport on the highway we drove into the mountains. A beautiful kind of sloping 'Teletubbie' landscape smiles at you and you immediately know that you will experience a special adventure. Everything starts of course with Lidia itself. Her warm personality makes you feel welcome right away. We filled the days naturally with relaxing activities such as walks (you already feel completely zen when you breathe in the wonderful scents of the mountain!) And we also determined the daily schedule in consultation, but always connecting with each other and with yourself. In addition to the insights I received this week, it was just very nice to escape from the daily hectic and come back to myself. The delicious food and the nice space in and around the house made it complete.

Valerie, 33 years

Lidia's session triggered me a lot. After the treatment I immediately felt 10 kilos lighter and I could act more from my feelings. Lidia has a very natural style, which means that despite the impact of her treatment, she is also accessible to people who may be shocked by "floatiness". Lidia is sensitive, sweet and has a lot of humor.

Floor, 29 years

I went to Lidia for a 1on1 session and what I like about her is that she has a warm and comforting personality that makes you feel at home straight away. We started with a guided meditation that she led which was already very beautiful. When she started the energy healing I could feel energy moving and felt more balanced afterwards but also what she shared afterwards was from great value for me. I'd definitely recommend her! Thank you Lidia!

Anne, 31 years
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A week at Casa Li

Read below what your week at Casa Li can look like.
Program subject to change.

Example day 1

  • Get up with fresh fruit
  • Silent walk with a meditation halfway through
  • Breakfast
  • Connection session sharing circle
  • Lunch
  • Paint connection session
  • Supper
  • Ceremony including massage session

Example day 2

  • Get up with fresh fruit
  • Silent walk with a grounding exercise halfway
  • Breakfast
  • Connection session sharing circle
  • Lunch
  • Leisure
  • Supper
  • Ceremony with stargazing
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