I graduated as a Neuropsychologist with a great interest in the
energy balance of the body. I then completed a two-year course
to become an Energetic coach. Since 4 years I give individual healing sessions.

For years I suffered from Crohn's disease (an autoimmune disease in which the bowel is inflamed).Regular medicine offered no perspective for a cure and only with the use of heavy medication it was possible to combat the symptoms. Because of this I started to delve into alternative medicine and nutrition.

I managed to cure myself from this disease completely and have been free of medication for years now!This has made me aware of the healing power of food and the effectiveness of alternative medicine. I have learned to listen and trust on the signals from my own body which indicate when it is tired or needs attention.

Since a year I own Casa Li Portugal.
For me it is a place where I completely relax.
I recharge due to the nature and completely separate myself from the
rollercoaster existence that Amsterdam entails.

For me, this house is about connecting people.
To bring people and nature together.
It also represents a place where nothing is required.
Where you can fully have the time and attention for yourself.
Where you can get back to your core and shake off the excess luggage.