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Pamper yourself

Keep your agenda free, because on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 January I organize yoga coaching together with @ Nina´s a stay-at-home retreat. Perfect for pampering yourself in the (hopefully) last weekend of this lock-down.

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Still a busier morning than you had hoped? The videos will remain available for another two months to watch at a later time!

What to Expect

In this stay at home retreat:

  • We start daily with a live meditation.
  • Receive exercises for both mornings, such as a yoga class and breathing exercises.
  • We will start with exercises around the theme “discover the power of your heart”, such as writing exercises, chest massage and walking meditation.
  • As a bonus you will receive a shopping list with recipes for breakfast and lunch during this weekend and tips on how to get the most out of your retreat. In addition, we organize extra meditation moments before working hours on the Friday before and the Monday after the retreat, so that you can hold on to the rest and relaxation extra well!
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