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at Casa Li Retreat Center

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Our mission is to create space for whatever arises

Space for your emotions, your process, and room to grow. We invite you to truly listen to yourself, embracing the sanctuary we provide for your journey of self-discovery and personal transformation.

Every structure at Casa Li is crafted with a deliberate intention for healing. From the architecture to the atmosphere, we’ve purposefully built this place to facilitate and enhance your transformative journey, giving you a safe place to open up and blossom.

Andere titel nog bedenken

The vision to create a beautiful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Lidia wanted to create a haven where the echoes of nature allow you to truly hear yourself. Following a year of dedicated construction and remodeling, we proudly hosted our first retreat, marking the beginning of a journey dedicated to providing a sanctuary for self-discovery and healing.

Unique location
in the mountains

Yoga deck
with 360 view

Attention for
detail and art

Possibility for
breathtaking hikes

Ceremony space
with amazing view


Lidia Meier, the visionary founder of Casa Li, embarked on a transformative journey six years ago with a dream of creating a sanctuary for those longing to escape the busy city life.

While living in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, working in the field of healing and energy, Lidia envisioned a retreat center nestled on a mountain under the sun.

Driven by the vividness of her dream, she boarded a plane in search of the perfect location. The moment Lidia laid eyes on Casa Li, it was an instant connection, love at first side.

Stepping out of the car, she felt embraced by the mountain, enveloped in profound quietude and grounding energy. Determined to share this unique healing space, Lidia made it her mission to bring others to Casa Li, inviting them to experience the transformative and rejuvenating energy of this extraordinary place.

"You are the main character of your life. So act like it."

Six years on, Casa Li is a living example of Lidia’s dream We’ve hosted many special retreats, and we’re still growing. Casa Li is a place of peace and healing, welcoming everyone to join us on this journey of growth and exploration.

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