It's time for YOU to heal & thrive:
A journey for female empowerment

Discover how personal healing leads to success

Oct. 16-20 2024


I’m thrilled you’re considering joining us at Casa Li. Our retreat is designed to help beautiful woman like you find balance, rejuvenate, and unlock your full potential. Through a blend of relaxation, emotional healing, and personal growth, you’ll discover how personal well-being fuels success in all aspects of your life. We will show you how can truly have it all and break free from limits. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.

About the Retreat

Casa Li offers a sanctuary for woman like you to relax, recharge, and refocus. Over five days, you will experience a mix of relaxation techniques, emotional healing, and strategies for personal growth.

Floor van der Klift

“During my session with Lidia I released so much. After the treatment I felt 10 kg lighter and I could act more from within, with feeling. Lidia has a very natural and light way of doing but her treatments can have a lot of impact. I love it that she is so sweet and approachable and does everything with a sense of humor”


“After 5 days, I can say that this has been an amazing journey that I highly recommend to everyone. It was approachable, filled with love, provided beautiful insights, exceptionally well taken care of, incredibly relaxing, and an experience I never would have wanted to miss.


“It feels so free and open here that everything is allowed to be touched. Lidia perfectly senses how to shape the program of the day from the flow and alignment with the participants. Heaviness dissolves as what was stagnant starts to flow, making room for lightness and joy. I’m glad I was there, and also grateful!”

Lidia's Approach

Lidia Meier combines her background in Neuropsychology with energy coaching to help you regulate your emotions, uncover unconscious patterns, and understand your body’s true needs. Her unique method integrates science and spirituality, providing a holistic approach to personal and professional growth

Relax in the Algarve

Casa Li is a beautiful retreat center located in the enchanting mountains of the Algarve. Enjoy our pool, the beautifull yoga deck, our ceremony space with stunning view over the mountains and more. The property spans 5000m2 and features various amenities for complete relaxation. Here, you can fully disconnect, recharge, and return home with renewed enery.

Unique location
in the mountains

Yoga deck
with 360 view

Attention for
detail and art

Possibility for
breathtaking hikes

Ceremony space
with amazing view

About Lidia

Five years ago, Lidia came to Portugal in search of the ideal place to find peace and tranquility. With her background in Neuropsychology and her training as an energy coach, she has a desire to combine the scientific and energetic aspects to help people in their personal growth and transformation. Through her knowledge and experience in Neuropsychology, Lidia understands how the brain functions and how thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are interconnected.

About Kiki

Kiki is a Creativity & Business coach, operating under the name ARTISKIEK. She is trained as a co-active coach (ICF accredited) and helps women take their business dreams to the next level. Additionally, she immerses herself in astrology, meditation, yoga, and consciousness. Kiki assists you in reconnecting with who you truly are and what you truly desire. With 10 years of experience in marketing at corporate companies, she is a master at generating creative concepts and campaigns. When you collaborate with her, your ideas are guaranteed to become successful.

Practical information

Retreat Dates

October 16-20, 2024 & November 14-17, 2024

Travel Details

Fly to Faro, 3-hour flight, 45-minute drive. We provide airport pickup


Delicious food, snack, drinks, and accomodation are included

Accommodation Options

Private rooms, shared rooms, safari tent

Contact Information

Have more questions? Contact us at or +351 964896694.

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