Lidia Thérèse Meier

How one woman created a sanctuary

Bridging Science and Spirituality

Lidia pursued neuropsychology in Amsterdam, but upon completing her master’s degree, she found the study lacking. Just two weeks after graduation, she enrolled in a three-year program to become an energetic therapist. This decision allowed her to integrate the strengths of both worlds—the scientific realm and the ethereal domains of energy and the profound impact of thoughts on the cellular body.

Following a prolonged struggle to overcome her autoimmune disease (Crohn’s disease) through alternative therapy, intensive bodywork, dietary changes, and spirituality, she embarked on a mission to assist other women in reconnecting with their bodies.

Manifesting dreams into reality

After facilitating women’s circles and assisting women in Amsterdam, her dream was to establish a healing center—a retreat nestled on a mountain, offering a space where freedom and time intertwine to allow for genuine feelings, connections, and healing.

Unique location
in the mountains

Yoga deck
with 360 view

Attention for
detail and art

Possibility for
breathtaking hikes

Ceremony space
with amazing view

"My mission is to create space for every part of your being."

Driven by the vividness of her dream, she boarded a plane in search of the perfect location. The moment Lidia laid eyes on Casa Li, it was an instant connection, love at first side. The mountain embraced her, surrounding her with a deep sense of tranquility and grounding energy.

With only little in her bank account, Lidia remained determined to purchase the property and transform it into her dream center. Employing manifestation, unwavering determination, and ancient techniques, she turned her dreams into reality. The universe responded to her desires, presenting magical opportunities and reinforcing the potent belief that overcoming disease and building a dream life is achievable with the right mindset. As she conducted the initial retreats and resided alone in Casa Li, Lidia’s soul and spirit became intricately intertwined with the retreat center.

Lidia is a nurturing and affectionate host and therapist, she extends a warm welcome and acceptance to everyone. She ensures that every aspect of your being is embraced. Her greatest joys in life include dancing, not to take yourself too serious, fostering connections, and being fully present. Lidia, a devoted mother, exudes a passion for life. Currently, she offers cacao ceremonies, sacred yoni weekends, self-care retreats for business woman, and serves as the host and founder of Casa Li.

"You are the main character of your life. So act like it."

Six years on, Casa Li is a living example of Lidia’s dream. Casa Li is a place of peace and healing, welcoming everyone to join us on this journey of growth and exploration.

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